Once Upon A Time, Nobody Cared.

Sales Blamed Marketing

And Marketing Blamed Sales

"Our unique value proposition isn't clear!" said Sales.

"You're not uncovering the prospect's pain!" said Marketing.

"Maybe we should talk up our features and benefits some more!", Product Development said.

But nothing helped.

Until one day, the CEO recalled something he heard marketing guru Seth Godin once say: "People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic." In other words, people don't buy the stuff you make, they buy the stories you tell.

"Who's good at telling stories around here?"

The CEO looked at the Director of Sales. The Director of Sales looked at the CMO.

"I seem to recall a timeless 5-step company story that is reported to work wonders when applied correctly," said the CMO....

The Greatest Sales & Marketing Story Ever Told

This is the classic story structure used by Salesforce, Elon Musk, and Zuora in their sales and marketing presentations to give their prospects a strong enough reason to care - and choose action over inaction.

The Big Shift

Name a huge, undeniable change in your prospect's world, one they can no longer ignore. Things used to be done one way, but now they've changed forever.

Winners and Losers

You've got their attention. Here's where you lay out the high stakes. Winning=Life. Losing=Death. What happens as a result of this shift is what creates the primal urgency that gets people to take action.

The Promised Land

Painting a fast-forwarded, blissful picture of what the future looks like after winning, and showing prospects how their greatest challenge became their finest hour, is what causes a visceral change in emotion and gets people to take action.

Magical Gifts

We know now that we must act, but we need a guide (you) and we need some badass weapons (your product or service) on this life or death journey to The Promised Land. Seen in this context, the features and benefits of your product or service represent a movement.


Yes, there is a Promised Land on the other side of the horizon, but why should anyone trust your route to get there? This is where the last step comes in to seal the deal. Social proof, from places we recognize and respect, makes us more likely to trust you.

The 5-Step Company Story Template (free)

Grab the definitive, 22 page playbook to crafting a compelling company story in your industry for attracting attention, creating interest, and driving urgency in your prospect's world. Your adventure awaits!

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